What Service Do We Provide?

Simple Answer is We Help our Customers.


We Build to Specified Requirement. from Low Cost Base units to a Budget price.

We try and Provide Base Units to Customers from any price range.


Any Unit We Create will come with Norton Internet Security 12 months Subscription.

The Latest Microsoft Operating System Installed*

*Original Software Provided by Microsoft.


How Do StusComputers.Com Save me Money.

Any Repair work Assessed will be Priced for parts.

We Find Replacement Parts from Our Suppliers and get Quotes for you to Assess


As We Order Our Parts Per Customer this Keeps the Prices LOW if your Unit is being Repaired we will look at Replacement Like for like and Upgrade Options.

StusComputers Offers 3 options

1. Like for Like Price

2. Upgrade option if this is more cost effective.

3. Return Unit UnRepaired (If Requested Before Repair Parts are Ordered)


How Do StusComputers Diagnose My Unit?


1. We Ask you what you Done at the time the Error Happened.

2. If Any Error Messages were Visable.

3. We open the Unit and Clear Debris Collected over time inside your Unit.

4. Once we feel we have Found the Problem if it is Software Related we will Simply resolve the issues you have.

If you Need Parts to repair We Test All Suspected Parts that cause the Issue. By Loading on Test Parts to make sure your Hard Drive, Graphics Card and all other parts are working till we narrow down the issues that need to be resolved.

Any New Parts Purchased Come With Warrenty and are Tested Before Returning to our Customers to Prevent Faults from Arising. Any New Part that becomes Faulty Under testing Period will get returned to Our Suppliers and as a Customer you will be informed if there is any delay due to this Cause.